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TEL NO: (011) 974-0371
FAX NO: (011) 392-1692
P.O. BOX 189, ISANDO 1600
Vat Registration No: 4310204914


Special Offer/Competition Terms and Conditions

  • This competition/special offer is subject to availability
  • This competition/special offer is subject to the customer signing up to make payment via debit order
  • This special offer is only available at selected stores
  • The competition/special available for a limited time only
  • Any competition/special offer that offers a month free has a minimum stay of 3 months. If you move out before this your discount will be revoked.
  • The competition/special is subject to your rental being paid before the first of each month the special applies.
  • U Can Store (Pty) Ltd holds the right to end the competition/special/offer without notice
  • Competition/special/offer has no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash
  • This special offer may not be used on any existing units, and is only valid for any new units
  • Full payment of deposit is required in order to claim/win the competition /special/offer
  • This competition/special/offer may not be combined with any other competition /special/offer or discount
  • This competition/special/offer may only be used once and may not be used in conjunction with or consecutively with any competition/special/offer or discount
  • Competition/special/offer subject to completion of details as required by U Can Store (Pty) Ltd This competition/special/offer can only be claimed/used for new units/customers
  • The competition/special/offer is not available to staff or their subsidiaries or sponsors
  • All entrants to the competition/special/offer must have completed the actions required for the specific competition/special/offer as detailed on the platform/s where the competition/special/offer is published
  • The decision made to offer/claim/win the competition/special/offer is made by U Can Store (Pty) Ltd, is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • All prizes/offers/winnings must be claimed within 5 working days from date of announcement on any platform that U Can Store (Pty) Ltd publishes. Failure to make this claim before this time has expired forfeits the prizes/offers/winnings
  • Unless otherwise specified no transport is included in the prizes/offers/winnings or competition/special/offer
  • Our refer a friend discount is the equivalent of your monthly unit rental, up to a maximum value of R500
  • The free use of the trailer does require an up front deposit