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Small Units

From R900 pm

Our small units are ideal for storing business archives, personal files, sporting gear, bicycles, or the contents of a single room such as a garage, dorm room or studio apartment. They’re perfect for decluttering and reclaiming space around your home or office, or for storing your university books and dorm room contents while you go home for the holidays.

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Medium Units

From R1900 pm

Our medium units are great for storing bigger business equipment, seasonal or trade show props, larger items of furniture, or the contents of a two- to three-bedroom house. These units are ideal for when you’re moving your home or business. Take the stress out of moving knowing that your belongings are safe and sound in our secure storage facility.

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Large Units

From R2500 pm

Our large units are big enough to handle the stock from a small to medium business, vehicles, bulkier equipment and furniture, or the contents of a four-bedroom house. Fantastic for business owners who are ready to expand, but don’t need an industrial sized warehouse just yet. At our Sandton and Alberton facilities, you can hire a micro-warehouse with office space attached so you can run your business from our secure premises at very reasonable rates.