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South Africa’s self storage industry is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s not hard to see why a growing number of families and businesses are renting self storage units in 2023. If you are planning to hire one for your personal or commercial needs, several attributes will influence your decision. Security should be a priority.

Here at U Can Store, all of our self storage facilities are supported by exceptional security features. To learn more or find the perfect unit for your needs, get in touch today.


How does secure storage work?

Secure self storage units can be utilised for many purposes ranging from household goods to business items while even extending to vehicle storage or mini warehousing  Whatever the purpose might be, the basic process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose a storage unit that aligns with your needs and budget.
  2. Reserve your self storage with the U Can Store team.
  3. Move the items into your secure self storage unit.

In addition to providing a practical solution, self storage units should keep your goods protected from vandals, thieves, and other outside dangers. Our secure self storage units utilise a range of tools and techniques to ensure that only you can gain access to the unit and your assets. This also means that your unit is 100% private and is not shared with other storage users.


Why is it important to secure storage areas?

Implementing the right security measures at your self storage unit is essential for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it removes the threat of having your assets stolen or damaged by intruders, which also means you can rent your unit with 100% confidence and peace of mind. 

Even if you hire a small unit, it’s likely that you will put assets worth a lot of money. In fact, your total possessions will probably be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands ZAR. Keeping items protected in secure self storage helps you avoid the emotional, financial and logistical fallout of break-in.

However, there are several other benefits to be gained from choosing secure storage units. Some of the most telling features include;


  • A secure self storage facility that operates on a 24/7 basis will allow you to access your unit whenever it is necessary.
  • When keeping sensitive documents or files at a business self storage unit, you will comply with privacy regulations.
  • You can keep delicate items away from the potential threat of accidental damage caused by family members.

It is easy to keep an itemised list of the assets that you keep in the storage unit, which will help you stay organised and avoid misplacements. Whether storing seasonal products when not needed or keeping possessions safe for the long haul, this is a major benefit.


What are the 3 most important things about storage areas?

When looking at self storage units, partnering with a reliable expert is essential. While there are now dozens of companies providing services in Johannesburg and across South Africa, not all services are the same. While they all offer the practical benefits of keeping items stored away from your home or workplace, the fact remains that safety is an ongoing challenge.

So, when considering the security features of your storage facility, you must ensure that the following elements are in place.

  • Responsive 24/7 support: theft doesn’t stop when business hours end. If your units are not protected for 24 hours per day, vulnerabilities will remain. A responsive 24-hour armed security force will ensure that your possessions are protected at all times while also providing the peace of mind that you deserve.
  • CCTV surveillance: as well as being a great deterrent, CCTV footage can be used to prosecute intruders that attempt to access your unit. When combined with 24/7 remote monitoring and responsive teams, it becomes virtually impossible for you to fall victim to theft.
  • Individual locks: as well as keeping the entire storage facility safe, it is important that your individual units are secure. With locks and advanced security at the access points, there is no threat of other users gaining unauthorised entry into your facility. It is a key feature for keeping assets safe.

Here at U Can Store, we provide all of these features at all of our locations as well as additional security items like electric fencing. Safety and security are guaranteed from the moment you put items in storage to the day that you take them out.


How can I make my storage unit more secure?

Ultimately, choosing a secure self storage unit and facility is the foundation of building a better environment for keeping your assets protected. If unauthorised people cannot get in or out of the facility, the risks are instantly removed. Nevertheless, there are several other steps that may be taken for further safety and security. 

After all, you are supposed to enjoy a productive partnership with the self storage facility. Some of the steps you may implement include;

  • Invest in a strong padlock. While a self storage facility will have several security features in place, a personalised padlock gives you that extra layer of security for your individual unit.
  • Pack your products correctly. This will ensure that the space is organised, utilised to its maximum capacity, and safe from the threat of goods falling or becoming damaged.
  • Take out insurance. In truth, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever need to exercise a claim. However, it will provide an extra sense of emotional comfort while also encouraging you to create a clear inventory.

When you choose a good self storage facility and use the unit in a responsible manner, success is assured.


The final word on self storage security

Security isn’t the only key feature to consider when renting a self storage unit. You also need to consider the size of the unit, the monthly costs, and its location – particularly if you need to access items on a regular basis.

However, none of those other issues matter if your possessions aren’t safe and secure. For the best solutions in Johannesburg, contact U Can Store today.