Self-storage is a celebrated solution for homeowners’ storage needs. The way it works is simple. Just contact U Can Store, rent an available unit, and move your possessions. That’s it!


You can choose from different sizes of units, depending on how much stuff you have and what kind of items you want to store. You can also select high-security or air-conditioned units for valuable items.


This blog post explores some of the benefits of using U Can Store self-storage in South Africa and why it might be a good option for you.


Protect Your Stuff From Environmental Harm


Self-storage protects your possessions from environmental damage that might occur in the home. For example, storing items in your attic, basement, garage, or shed, might expose them to moisture, dust, pests or mould. Extreme temperatures can also be a problem, particularly for rubber or materials damaged by thermal cycling. 


Self-storage units keep your items in optimal condition by providing climate control and ventilation systems. By regulating temperature and humidity levels, they protect your belongings long-term. 


More Space To Live


Many live in homes cluttered by too many possessions to the point where they can hardly move. The problem is particularly bad in apartments and studios, where space is limited. There just isn’t enough room. 


Unfortunately, clutter isn’t harmless. It can negatively affect your mental health and productivity by causing stress, anxiety, distraction, and frustration. It can also make it harder to find what you need when you need it. You’re constantly searching for items under boxes and behind bins.


By renting a self-storage space, you can eliminate these problems. Extra room frees up valuable space in your home or office and creates a more organised and comfortable environment. 

Extra Security


Self-storage from U Can Store also provides extra security for your belongings against theft and vandalism. Our self-storage facilities offer high perimeter security, CCTV, and on-site staff. 


When you come to us, only you have access to your unit – nobody else. Therefore, you can relax, knowing your possessions are safe. 




Self-storage from U Can Store is also highly affordable. It’s a great alternative to other ways of making more space, such as moving house or renting a bigger property. 


Self-storage allows you to pay only for the space and time you require. There are no hidden contracts or fees: just a simple monthly payment for using the storage you need. 


Greater Flexibility


Lastly, storage solutions from U Can Store gives you the flexibility to store your belongings according to your lifestyle. You can choose from an array of differently-sized units ranging from small lockers to large containers. 


If you want to change the size of your unit, you can at any time. You can also adjust how long you want to keep it, whether it’s a couple of days while you move or long-term storage for miscellaneous business items. 


You can access your unit anytime during opening hours without any appointment

or notice. Just roll up and collect your belongings when you need them.